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  1. Classic Catalan Walk – 6 Days

    The route takes in the winding, sandy paths ofmainland Spain’s loveliest coast – frequent glimpses of dazzling aquamarine through the umbrella pines – as well as heading inland where you’ll discover the truly unspoilt landscapes of the Catalan countryside.

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  2. Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast – Cycling and Sailing

    8 Days, Moderate Grading

    George Bernard Shaw said ‘those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik’, also describing it as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’. With its impressive old town and dominating position on the Adriatic coast, the city is visually stunning and deserving of both Shaw’s remarks and its UNESCO World Heritage status. Based on a comfortable boat, the trip begins in Dubrovnik where time is set aside to explore the narrow streets and lively town. Extending westerly into the Mediterranean the islands of southern Dalmatia are best explored by bike. Highlights include visiting the islands of Korcula and Mljet. This trip also includes an excursion across the Bosnian border to the beautiful historic town of Mostar.

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