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Day 9 – Les Chappieux to Les Contamines

A series of unfortunate events, part one.

It would be best, dear reader, to stop following this story now. You may like to rejoin us at the end of Day Ten, when smasher’s procurement of grappa will again bring a spring to our step and a smile to our face.

Now that you have gone,we will continue the tale.

It was a very steep ascent for 2 and a half hours from Les Chappieux to Col du Bonhommie, where the cafe au lait at the refuge provided a welcome respite from the snow that had begun to fall.
On the steep descent, LL fell while standing aside to allow some Havanas to pass. She showed enormous resilience over the next 4 hours, as she chose each step carefully to take the load off her sprained ankle.

Eventually , a goat herder was able to give LL a lift down the mountain across a gorge and along an old roman road to our next stop.

It was a long haul for all, especially when the accomodation proved to be a couple of kms on the other side of town. Some of the charm of this French resort town remained unnoted, but we did see archery, swimming,ski jumps, horse riding, tennis and a wild dog park. It was 11 hours before smasher and his team of stragglers joined LL at the Hotel de Gelonette.

Quote of the day
TF – “Just as well I am here so I can provide suction for this operation, doc”
Goat herder “Just one goat”

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