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Day 1 – La Tour to Trient

Duration 3 hrs
Apparently, the tour proper starts at the appropriately named Le Tour, a town just a short distance outside Chamonix.
Luckily for us, that short distance is serviced by the Number One bus.
Le Tour is a small ski resort, overshadowed by the Glacier De Tour. The Teleferique Le Tour can give canny punters a short cut to the top of Col de Balme, (which marks the border between France and Switzerland.)
CL says that pride is a sin, so the whole party took the chair lift option.
Forecast was accurate at ‘gloomy’. We got to test our new wet weather gear at the top, but it soon cleared and the descent to Triente was through an idyllic pine forest. There were many rest spots for CL engage in his usual activity of maintaining nutrition.
Triente is a very small town. The pub next to our accomodation was able to entertain us for a few hours more than anticipated thanks to the assistance we had going up the mountain.
The Grand Ourse (the big bear)
Run by some rather harsh Swiss maids.
Quote of the day
TF – “I thought we were meant to be walking this bloody thing”
MIllie Lembke (reported) – “One of the best things about Switzerland is that the flag is a big plus”
GK – “Did you hear the wolves howling last night”

And for your meal tonight, I score you a….
(Dinner was an unidentified meat, probably pork)

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