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Day 4 – La Fouly to Refuge Elena

Ascent 1028 Descent 475 Distance 12kms Highest Point 2600m
Now we are talking, Willis.
The Grand Col Ferret marks the border between Switzerland and Italy, and it was a long walk up from La Fouly via the town of Ferret to the Col.
The working dairy farm ‘La Peule’ was a welcome oasis on the way up.
The Col itself at 2600m was a magnificent picque-nique spot for us all to share our fromage and jambon sandwiches.
The descent down to the Refuge Elena was steep, but carpeted in wild flowers of all colours.
It seemed like a good idea at the time award nomination.
It is not a good idea to have a morning beer when mountain climbing. Stick to hot chocolate.
Quote of the day nomination
“No, Jane, it wasn’t a birdie that stole my wallet.”
It seemed like a good idea at the time award
“Let’s set off the rest of these fireworks – what could possibly go wrong.”
The Italians cook surged out of the refuge at the loud bangs. Why were they carrying large knives? Were they worried about avalanche? Invading French? No, they were delighted. “More” they cried.
“For your main course, I score you a”
(Now that we are in Italy, dinner was pasta and then more unidentifed meat)
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