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Day 7 – Couramayeur to Rifugio Elissabeta

Ascent 1400m Descent 490m Distance 16km

This was a long walk, even for those who began the day with the sensible chairlift option.
Today we had magnificent close up views of Monte Bianco on our right as we headed south.
We climbed to 2500m, before descending to a long walk along the valley floor. The final ascent to the refuge seemed to go forever. Some stuck together as encouraging groups – others struck out alone accompanied by Doc Neeson or Rob Thomas. “Am I ever gonna see your face again….”

It seemed like a good idea at the time award
Here’s a lake surrounded by snow – we should go for a swim. Hat’s off to MB, JK and AD.

Quote of the day
“Not Refuge Elisabetta – Refuge Ebola more like it”

“For your main course, I score you a”
(Dinner was Risotto and unidentifed meat)

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