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Day 0 – Chamonix

Chamonix – Elevation 1200m

The French Town of Chamonix lies in the valley immediately below the western face of Mont Blanc.
We will be heading clockwise around Mt Blanc – if you image a clock face, Chamonix is about the 9 o’clock position

By winter it is a very chic ski resort. In summer it is a traditional place for French to take the Mountain air.

The view of Mont Blanc is extraordinary – as are the glaciers that seem to threaten to crash down on the town below.

MF joined the party having already spent 10 days climbing the mountains of the mastif, including Grand Pardiso, which is greater than 4000m high. Chamonix is a true ‘Mike World’ – every second shop sells Adventure gear. Hard core Alpine climbers walk the Main Street bearing ropes and carabeenas and crampons.
Luckily for us, every other shop is a restaurant or wine bar.

Nominations for “What could possibly go wrong award”

– some tourers went rubber rafting down the river through town, which included a compulsory swim in the snow-fed water. Why they thought this might be a good idea remains a mystery.

– running a tab at the Sports Bar that eventually came to more than €120. Any similarity between the final account and what we actually ordered is just a coincidence.


Le Chetes Blanches

Traditional hot rock – also traditional dodgy second menu with different wine prices

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